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File Name Description
SpeedPaceClass.pdf How the Equibase Speed, Pace, and Class Figures on the racing program are used.
Howtoread_Horse.pdf How to read the Wyoming Simulcast racing program (QH & TB)
Howtoread_Dog.pdf How to read a generic greyhound racing program.
Equibase QR Code Reader.pdf *New* - Use your smart phone to get instant scratches and race changes and results.



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File Name Description
W9 Form W9 Forms to verify Social Security Numbers
W4 Form Complete this form for withholding.
Alien Withholding Presentation Powerpoint presentation on ALIEN withholding on 1042-S forms.
W2g Training (PDF) PDF presentation on information completing W2gs.
W2g Training (PowerPoint) Powerpoint presentation on information completing W2gs.



* Wyoming Horse Racing Information *

Person Title Email Address Office
Eugene Joyce General Manager etjoyce13@yahoo.com (307) 224-4960 Ext. 407
Tony Patterson Racing Coordinator tonypatterson@gmail.com (318) 572-5036
Nina Condos Simulcast Manager ninac@wyominghorseracing.com (307) 224-4960 Ext. 402