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File Name Description
SpeedPaceClass.pdf How the Equibase Speed, Pace, and Class Figures on the racing program are used.
Howtoread_Horse.pdf How to read the Wyoming Simulcast racing program (QH & TB)
Howtoread_Dog.pdf How to read a generic greyhound racing program.
Equibase QR Code Reader.pdf *New* - Use your smart phone to get instant scratches and race changes and results.



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File Name Description
W9 Form W9 Forms to verify Social Security Numbers
W4 Form Complete this form for withholding.
W2g Training (PDF) PDF presentation on information completing W2gs.
W2g Training (PowerPoint) Powerpoint presentation on information completing W2gs.



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Eugene Joyce Owner - Wyoming Horse Racing LLC etjoyce13@yahoo.com (307) 224-4960 Ext. 407
Nina Condos Simulcast Manager ninahorseracing@hotmail.com (307) 224-4960 Ext. 402